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Airport Eats

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Happy Friday! Today’s a travel day for me. I’m heading back to DC to see the fam! I also have an interview set up with a gym Saturday where I might be able to work a part-time desk job and become a mentoree of a personal trainer while I get certified. Definitely the first job interview I’ve been asked to wear comfy athletic clothing to 🙂 The inspiration behind this post, then, is healthy eating in airports. Travel days are definitely some of my biggest cheat days. It can be so difficult to find a sit down place that has healthy options, but it’s also bad to fill up on snacks from the gift store. Here’s some advice about staying on track:

1. Stay away from Wolfgang Puck. Don’t even try to justify it to yourself. A whole thin-crust pizza can get up to roughly 1000 calories. They manage to make a side caesar salad over 300 calories. Everything is drenched in condiments or dressing or fatty oils. Be warned. 

2. Go the extra walkway for good food. Just because a snack store is closest to your gate, doesn’t mean it’s your best bet. If you can find a Starbucks, Au Bon Pain or really any other kind of wrapped sandwich/granola bar kiosk place, go! You can get a huge cup of fruit for roughly 110 calories – it’ll fill you up and stop any sweets cravings you’re getting from walking past all the unhealthy, fast food places. You can also find small healthy snacks like veggie sticks or pretzels with hummus. 

3. Read the labels. Just because a sandwich claims to be as simple as turkey and cheese on wheat, it might have a ton of added sugars, salt and condiments. Check the calorie count, but also the amount of fiber, the total carbs (especially the sugars) and the ingredients. Aim for simple buys. 

4. Pack ahead. You can’t bring liquids through security, but food is fair game. Fill a pocket of your carry on with a few baggies of snacks that you can eat guilt free. Nuts, fruit, trail mix or some other combination will keep you full, let you munch and prevent you from having to eat unhealthy food. Not to mention, your wallet will thank you. 

5. If you’re going to snack, snack, but be smart. While nuts and granola bars aren’t the best, they aren’t the worst, either. Don’t immediately reach for the king size bag of m&ms – you’ll definitely regret it later. Also, they won’t keep you as full as long, and then you’ll end up eating even more. 

Safe and healthy travels, all 🙂 


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