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Guys, I just read the most horrifying article from called 11 “healthy” foods with more sugar than a Krispy Kreme Donut. Check this out!




A Krispy Kreme original glazed donut has 10g of sugar (22g carbs, 200 calories – so it’s not good for you by any means), but compare it to all of these things:

1. Original Yoplait Yogurt: a 4oz container has 33g carbohydrates, 27g of which are sugar

2. Luna Bar: 11-15g of sugar

3. Smoothies: a 16oz Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine has 73g of sugar!

4. Granola: a half cup of Quaker 100% Natural Granola with oats and honey has 13.2g of sugar

5. Tropicana OJ: a 10oz glass has 26g of sugar

6. Sports Drinks: a 20oz bottle has 34g of sugar

7. Fast Food Salads (but ew don’t eat these anyway): 20-30g of sugar (why???? It should be salad!)

8. Dried Fruit: a half cup of dried fruit can be about 18g of sugar

9. Bottled Iced Tea: an 8oz bottle of Snapple Peach has 24.1g of sugar

10. Low Fat Milk: an 8oz serving has 11g of sugar

Thankfully, a glass of wine is better for you than a donut, so we’re good. But that’s insane, right? I have this problem all the time; I think I’m eating super well for the day and, when I actually check the labels, it turns out I’ve consumed a ridiculous amount of sugar! Even on days when I don’t have any treats or desserts, it’s hard to avoid. For example, a container of Chobani non-fat greek yogurt with blueberry is only 140 calories and pretty filling, but it also has 20g of sugar. Even if you get a skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks, all the milk makes up for the sugar-free syrup. It’s so important to check nutrition labels and use more healthy versions of sugar like honey and real maple syrup. 


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