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Sleep Deprivation

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I was talking to my boyfriend last night (told you this would happen) about sleep and how exhausted we both were after the weekend combined with pretty mediocre Mondays. Sleep deprivation has a ton of negative side effects, not to mention that sleep is too good to miss out on. There’s a couple of different ways it can influence weight gain, especially. 

The first is short term: you’re tired, you started your morning late because you didn’t want to get out of bed, so you reach for a quick, subpar breakfast and a cup of coffee. If you’re going to have a big meal, (although little meals throughout the day are better) breakfast is the meal to have it. That way, you’re starting out your day with tons of energy that will last you until lunch, or at least stop you from snacking as much mid-morning. Instead, if you go for the sugary donut, your diet is thrown off for the whole day and you’re probably not feeling your best…so you decide to skip the gym. And so the vicious cycle begins. You probably won’t sleep as well the next night, either, because exercise actually makes for way better r&r on top of all its other amazing benefits. 

The second is slightly more long term. Sleep deprivation has shown a strong correlation to increased appetite in a number of studies ( Not only will missing out on sleep make you hungrier throughout the day, but it will also increase your cravings for high-fat, high-carb foods. Overtime, this means you’re eating poorly more frequently than you should, and getting hooked on sugars and fats that aren’t giving your body the energy it needs. 

Just a little extra tip: sleep deprivation kills sex drive. Get your morning cardio in the right way without all the grumpiness!


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