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Pooch and Proud

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Today after my run and work on the Curve machine at the gym, I did this ab routine called “lose the pooch.” But before I put it up, I just wanted to clarify something. I don’t think having a pooch or any type of curve is a bad thing. There’s this crazy idea advanced by the media and photoshop that fit women have perfectly flat stomachs. It just isn’t true. Fit women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and curves. And just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re fit (and vice versa). I work out every day and like to consider myself in shape, but I am damn proud of my pooch. I know that if I’m eating well and putting in the effort during my workouts that I’m healthy – too many women don’t feel the same way. I’m not saying it’s bad to have a flat stomach and I’m not saying it’s good to have curves because it’s neither. It truly depends on your body type and the shape you’re trying to achieve. Set goals to achieve the body you want but also be proud and comfortable with the one you have! Phew, okay, ab routine time:


Happy training 🙂



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