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Binge Alcohol Consumption

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Even though I wrote this brief article for a class, I thought it was pretty relevant to my blog. I’m definitely guilty of trying not to think about calories when I head out to the bars, but moderation is so important. A long island iced tea can have up to 780 calories…that’s got to be the worst news I’ve heard all week 😦 Anyway, here’s the article (and, for the record, I hate vodka):



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It’s going to be a rough week. You have some big project or exam in almost every class and it’s only Tuesday. By the time Friday rolls around, you’re ready to collapse. Although, it’s nothing a drink or two or five can’t fix.

Alcohol bingeing in college is a nationwide concern, but many students don’t realize they’re “calorie bingeing” at the same time. Alcohol consumption is directly linked to significant weight gain, an IU expert on substance abuse prevention said.

“Once you’re into fancy bar drinks territory, with a lot of mixes and things, you’re getting up in the caramel macchiato kind-of-calories. You’re talking about 500 calories or the equivalent of a Big Mac in one drink,” Carole Nowicke, research associate for Indiana Prevention Research Center, said.

So, is it still okay to indulge every once in a while? To find out, I did some nutritional digging on a couple of IU alcohol favorites. These are the rough calorie estimates, according to the Calorie King food database:


1 shot of Karkov Vodka: 80 calories

1 shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum: 120 calories

1 shot of Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila: 95 calories

1 glass of boxed wine: 100-150 calories

1 Natural Light beer: 95 calories

1 Bud Light Lime A Rita: 220 calories


That’s not to mention the 2am drunken Pizza X order that seems like such a good idea when you’ve finally gotten back to your dorm room. Courtney Stewart, also a research associate at IPRC, said that alcohol may increase appetite and cause cravings for unhealthy food, leading to weight gain.

While excessive drinking is costly to one’s health and one’s wallet, Nowicke said, alcohol consumption in moderation is okay…when you’re of legal age, of course. So cheers to the night, just not every night!


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